Project Baseline Collection Maps

Select one or more species and click submit to generate a map of collections:
  • Grey dots indicate sites with one population, black dots more than one.
  • Zoom in to view information for individual collections at sites with multiple populations.
  • Use the map layers to explore: Min Temp, Max Temp, and Precip across the geographic range of the collections. Climate overlays derived from PRISM 30-year (1981-2010) temperature and precipitation normals. Climate layers may not display when zoomed in due to limitations in the climate data resolution.

  • Explore Areas of Climate Change

    The extent of climate change varies across space. Here are a few links to explore where climate change has been most drastic in recent decades.

    This NOAA site provides an overview of changes in temperature and precipitation normals (1991-2020) with data download links.

    Also find data and mapping tools here.

    Download Site Data

    Click to download a tab delimited or comma delimited text file with site data. Note this file only includes seed collection sites, and not all sites in the database. To download information for all sites visited by Project Baseline, please visit the search page

    Click here to download a kml file with these sites. KML files can be viewed using Google Earth

    Site Selection

    Sites are selected based on a number of criteria:

    • They include habitat of target species
    • They are protected into the foreseeable future to facilitate future collections from the same site.
    • They provide good coverage across the range of each species.
    • They occurr across an environmental gradient, such as cool - warm, or arid - moist.